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Adam’s creation

The Covid balaghan (Hebrew – imbroglio) seems to fit end times biblical prophesy almost perfectly, and if this time around it is exposed as the malicious hoax it is, then there will be a next, and a next until enough of the people are fooled enough of the time for Satan to take control.

Satan always works to a pattern, persecution of Jews, degrading of women, and an elite having absolute authority over the mass of the people.   Mankind always seems to fall for it.

Why? Because it is the natural way of life in Adam’s world.

When Adam was thrown out of Eden (Yah’s Creation) he proceeded to create his own creation by the sweat of his labours, this is the world of Cain, the city walls being there to keep Yah out.

It was the adoptation of the 10 commandments by protestant Christians that produced the civilization we enjoyed for about a hundred and fifty years.   But that baby got thrown out with the bathwaters of the nineteen sixties, and we have watched the slow disintegration of western society as those things defined by Yah as beneficial were slowly cast aside as religious mythology.

In the beginning Yah Created, and in the end He will judge all of us against the standards set by the ten commandments – all of them including keeping the Sabbath as the seventh day.   Many are going to come before Yah thinking that they have a “get out of Gaol free” card called Jesus Christ.

But that is not the question Yah will ask, He will ask “did you keep my Torah”  – I will answer “NO my Father, I tried and I failed”     At which point my advocate, Yahushua, Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us, will answer “I will vouch for this good and trusty servant, his footsteps sought My Way, My Truth and My Life.”

Jesus did not die on the cross for my sins, Yehushua spent 3 days and 3 nights in Hades dealing with the Accuser, such that in my judgement before the great White Throne, the Accuser, Satan, has no say.

But many will claim Jesus, the cross and good works, but Yahushua will say “get thee hence, I know you not – You failed to keep Torah (anomia in the Greek – Matt 7 v 21 – 23).

Without Yah and Torah, man reverts to tyranny, and the Satan (humanist) worshipping elite ruling over the people is the norm for Adam’s creation.

Talking with Yah

As a child I was taught to pray, hands together, eyes shut tight, memorized prayers written by other people.   I was not qualified to have a conversation with Yah, somebody had to direct my words in case I said something naughty.

And I must not pray for myself, it must be for other people.

The traditions of men…..

Yah’s word tells us to pray in private, He teaches us to acknowledge Him as Father, and that I can ask anything of our Father.

Religion sets out the rules; prayer meetings, set texts for prayer, supervision.   But Yah wants a dialogue, He wants us to tell him of the things on our hearts, my heart, my individual relationship with my Creator – “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” as the song goes.   Really, if you want a Merc, tell him, you might not get a Merc but you will not get a stone either.

I will get what I deserve but only if I trust and rely on Him, as He tells us to all the time, then I too will be fed by the birds.   It is oh so easy to ask of Him, then try to make it happen ourselves, there is a very evil sermon often preached about a man stuck on the roof of his house in a flood, he refuses help because “God is going to rescue him”, he is drowned, and God tells him that He sent the physical rescuers why did he not heed them?

But it does not work that way, the story is wrong on so many levels, it saps my confidence and portrays Yah as a devious huckster and trust and reliance as derisory and foolish, but Yah has made us a promise, if we ask for bread will He give as a stone?

What is important is that we actually ask – please Yah I want to win millions of shekels…..

In asking, I purge my soul, I share my innermost desires with Yah, good or bad, He can then work on them, moulding them into His image and likeness, when I do not share my feelings, He is tied by my free will, when I tell Him in prayer He can set change in motion.

In all my desires, there is a gulf between what I want and what He wants for me, when I express those desires to Him he can fill the gap; I am giving Him my permission to make the changes in me that I cannot make.   If I covet my neighbour’s wife, I need to tell Yah about it so He can fix it not me.

We can try to control our passions, our lusts our wants, but only Yah can modify them into His Good, if we try to do it alone we modify them into Adam’s good which could well be Yah’s Bad.


What is the story of Joseph telling us?

A young man, gifted from Yah displays his talents and is rewarded by his Father, but is despised by his envious brothers.

But those brothers are not interested in the enormous benefit that a gift from God can bring to both themselves and the family, they are only aware of his ‘arrogance’ and threat.   It is obvious to them that Jacob will choose him as the heir (and the double portion).    We see this legalized in the ‘mandrake’ incident between Leah and Rachel (we don’t know what a mandrake actually is) but Ruben is the firstborn of Leah and it is something to do with this.

With Joseph gone, then the double portion is up for grabs.

But the gifting of Yah goes with Joseph, it is his, not the family’s, and so it moves to Egypt.

Christians believe that Joseph adumbrates Yahushua, and maybe this is so, ‘Christianity’ moves to Rome after the crucifixion.   So it is in Rome that ‘Christianity’ meets Potiphar’s whorish wife, now who could that be?

Joseph is then gaoled, has he been released yet?   Has he met the butler and the baker?

Has the butler talked to Pharaoh?   Have the brothers come before the elevated Joseph?

The story is incomplete.   Joseph’s stars re-appear in Revelations 12.

As far as I can see, Joseph (the true way of Torah) is still in gaol, and Potiphar’s wife still has the upper hand.

Joseph benefits Egypt exceedingly well, such that his brothers are forced to come and beg. That benefit could have been theirs, but they were not humble enough to accept that Yah (an Jacob their father) had chosen Joseph, the despised little brother. The benefits that Joseph could have brought to the family had come to Egypt instead.

Protecting God

We see the phenomena where people will murder those who ‘offend’ their gods.   Unfortunately there are those who also feel that they have to violently defend Yah and what they deem to be the things of Yah.   This is to gravely misunderstand Yah.

Yah is the Creator, and as such, cannot be attacked in any way by His Creation and those within it, and yes, whilst there is a war going on in Creation, it is a war going on over the hearts and minds of mankind not Yah’s ascendancy.

Satan failed to change Torah in Hades when ‘Torah made flesh’ (Yahushua) was presented to him in death.

Satan strives to turn man away from Yah, and His truth.   He lies, and those who believe satan’s lies are as the blind.   Most of us are in a state of confusion, we want to seek Yah’s truths, but we follow men’s religions rather than seeking truth and taking responsibility for ourselves.

When we truly seek Yah, we must be humble, for He is the teacher and we are the pupil, we must listen out for His lead, we must not ‘do it my way’.

We start with Torah, but not the religious Torah as interpreted by Rabbis, Yah is not interested in funny hats, prayer shawls and tassels.   He is looking for the man or woman who is prepared to have a direct relationship, the relationship that was offered to the elders of the Children of Israel at Mt Horeb.   They rejected that offer, they did not want to take on the responsibility before Yah for their own lives, they preferred to farm it out to Moses.

Moses created a holding pattern, a way of life that could be used as a launch pad for a personal relationship with Yah for those prepared to take the next step.

Yah is quite capable of fighting His own battles and mine if I will let Him.

I have to trust and rely on Yah, not Him on me.

If I am physically, emotionally or verbally violent to another, thinking to protect god’s honour then I do not understand Yah!

Asking Yah

Truth, is things as they really are, as Yah Created them.

Adam uses his knowledge of good and evil to conjure up things as he wants them to be and Religion is adhering to Adam’s ways.

We are born into Adam’s world, the world he created with the sweat of his labours after he was thrown out of Eden.   Because we are born into Adams world, we know no different until we begin to understand the nature of Yah.   Yah always points us away from Adam and towards His Creation, but we have free will, we can follow Yah or follow Adam, the latter is comfortable, the former is not.

Men’s religions are phantasies whereby elements of Adam, and elements of the gods are woven together to provide a carpet for us to walk on, the carpet covers the real floor so that we may never see it unless we are prepared to lift the carpet and look underneath.   There we may find the trapdoor to reality.

The scriptures say that I can ask Yah for anything and that He will provide, He will not give me a stone, but He will provide abundantly.   Religion says that I can only ask Yah to provide for others, not myself, this is Adamic clap-trap, religious nonsense.

Doing ‘good’ for others is probably the single most damaging doctrine the Adamic world has thrown up, if I cannot communicate with Yah, if whole areas of my life with Him are a forbidden conversation, then truth cannot abound.

My children picked up a song from school it went something like “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz”.   It was seen as heretical, but no!   If we want something, we must ask Yah for it! We must pray, but prayer is a no holds barred dialogue with our Creator.

If I want to be a prophet of a healer, I must ask Yah, If I want to do well in exams, I ask Yah.

If I want money, I ask Yah, but I don’t steal it!   There are many ways to steal money, some, our society does not see as stealing.   Being lazy at work for instance, cheating on taxes for another.

If we are honest with Yah, he will answer prayer and provide for us as he has promised, but honesty means everything, including our little foibles as well as our big ones.

Yah Created us, He knows our private places, our lusts, our desires, our fears better than we do.

Being born into Adam’s world, for the first years of our lives we did childish things, we picked up on our parental vices.   But as we grow out of childhood, we need to have a dialogue with Yah about His Way and Our Ways, for they are different.  We need to talk to Him about ourselves; about our desires.  We can turn to our way and go around in circles, or we can follow His way by asking Him for directions.

We need to pray for ourselves, we need to have open unfettered dialogue with our Creator, we need to allow Him to provide. 

If we cannot pray for ourselves, we cannot move on.

Relationships 102

Torah is voluntary, and within Torah, same sex sexual relationships are as unacceptable as fornication or aadultery, and there is no place within the Toraic society for any who indulge in these practices.

There is also no ‘marriage’ in the scriptures, the act of copulation is, in itself, a contract of marriage in that the male is consenting to support the female and her offspring, and the female is consenting to bear the offspring of the male exclusively.

Contraception has rather stymied this consept, and has presented us with the dilemma of “recreational sex” a.k.a. fornication with no consequences.

Modern contraception is effective but not necessarily infallible, so society has had to accommodate this with abortion (murder) and the problem of single unmarried mothers who cannot support themselves.

Yah orders us to go forth and multiply, humanity says sow your wild oats, we can deal with unintended consequences by violating Yah’s Torah.

There are loving relationships in the scripture, Rebecca, Rachel, Rahab and Ruth spring to mind, but that is the icing on top, the main job of a family is to reproduce and anything that distracts from that is problematic; Jacob’s relationship with Leah obviously fell into this category.

To reproduce with an angelic being is obviously reprehensible, it is the same as bestiality in a way, but it is not sterile as most inter species copulation is, it produces monsters.

This brings us back to Sodom, and we must ask, what Sodomy is all about, is it the breeding of Nephilim or is it about same sex relationships.   My feeling is the former, we know that Yah puts giants to the sword, but although unacceptable in the chosen people, homosexuality does not demand mass extermination as happened in Sodom, Gomorrah and the cities of the plains.

I suspect that Sodomy, the breeding of giants in the scriptures, must be equated with man’s propensity to seek his own Utopia of which he alone is god, and to do this, he believes that the end point will justify any murder and mayhem he uses to achieve his ends – the road to tyranny is paved with the skulls of man’s best intentions…….

It is just a malicious and evil state of mind.

Relationships 101

Sodom’s problem was not Homosexuality as such, it was the desire to breed Nephilim from the angels accompanying Abraham in the rescue of Lot.

So what of the Sodomy in Romans?

We tend to regard homosexuality as ‘immoral’ and it is every bit as immoral as adultery and fornication in that it is an attack om family and the commandment of Yah to go forth and multiply.

But what if Paul is looking at amorality rather than immorality, amorality being the absence of morals rather than immoral being the flouting of morals.

An amoral person discards Torah and claims that Yah’s Creation has no traction in their lives, essentially, that humanity can make its way without Yah and outside of Yah’s creation.

Sodom was destroyed in fire and brimstone, and if one visits the site here in Israel, one can pick that brimstone (sulphur) up off the ground.   The site of Sodom on the dead sea near Masada is one of archaeologies best kept secrets.

In the middle of the video we see the strange shapes of what could well be buildings turned to chemical ash

Yah only destroys nations that dabble in the forbidden craft of ‘giants’ (Nephilim) and the extremes of violence in Tanach are always associated with the worship of Nephilim as in Canaan, Bashan etc.

So was Sodom destroyed because of homosexuality or because the Sodomites desired to breed with the angels accompanying Abraham

Torah deals with homosexuality in the same way as it does adultery and fornication, mass killing is reserved for more egregious pursuits.

In breeding Nephilim one is substituting those Nephilim for Yah and this is not acceptable.   In this day and age we substitute celebrities for Yah, so are celebs the new Nephilim?

The glittering towers of Paaganity.

Adam was part of Yah’s Creation but detatched himself from it by adhering to his own newfound knowledge over the real Knowledge of Yah.

In accusing Yah (She did it, the woman that YOU gave me) Adam defined the first religion, for a religion is a manmade construct that replaces Yah and His Knowledge.

Nimrod appears to have created a godist structure around a trinity (Nimrod, Semirage and Tammuz) that defined the culture of those its thrall.   This godist structure established edifaces of religion that we still unquestionably keep today.   Buildings (churches, temples synagogues), Worship (posturings, submissions, chantin, intoning/preaching, singing, music), Elevated lreligious leaders (popes, priests, rabbis, pastors).

These things are the pillars of religions, we do not question them, but are they the steep and narrow pathway to Yah’s TRUTH, ot are they the broad pathway that leads to destruction?

That question we must each work out for ourselves.

But I can give you my view; I was born into Adam’s world, A pigsty, but it was normality to me, and as such it was warm and comfortable.   Its sheer familiarity meant that I need make no real effort to find the door and look outside.

But deep within me were echoes of a better way.

I could choose to seek that better way and challenge the spiders I might find, or shut the door and keep the light (and the spiders) out, depending on the artificial light provided by the established pigsty religion.

I chose, I hope, the door, and my own personal pathway to Yah, I left the pigsty of familiarity, but still with the muck of it clinging to me.

I was met from afar, but the servants would only point out to me where the mud clung, it was up to me to wash it off, bit by sticky bit.

Folks, the pathway back to Yah and his truth starts at the door to the pigsty, we cannot see it unless we actually step outside, inside is all the glitter and ritual of paganity that will keep us mesmerized.  

The modern day religions, be they Jewish, Christian or anything else are all out workings of Adam’s original religion, they are fabrications designed to obfuscate Yah’s Knowledge and enhance Adam’s knowledge

In the beginning Yah created everything, but Adam rejected Yah’s Creation and invented his own based upon man’s knowledge not Yah’s Knowledge.

Yah writes his Knowledge only on the hearts of those who allow Him to so do.   If our hearts are hardened because we want to continue in Adam’s ways and knowledge, then there is no Knowledge from above, and no pathway for us to follow. Each of us must leave our personal comfort zone and challenge our personal spiders if we are to even see His Path. for His Paths do not even look like the familiar paths of Adam’s creation.


Yah’s name: I was, I am and by implication I will be.That name encompasses the whole of His Creation and I can choose to be part of it, or to be part of something else.

Adam is not part of Yah’s Creation; he was thrown out because he thought his own knowledge superseded that of the Creator and thus there was no longer a place for him in the Creator’s garden.   Adam chose badly, and instead of remaining a part of Yah’s Creation, he applied his own knowledge and thus built his own creation.

We call this creation of Adam’s the World   But it is a world in which death is inevitable.

Although I was born into Adam’s world, I do not have to be part of it, I can choose to put Adams dictates aside and start to adhere to those of Yah and start the long journey back to Yah’s Creation, Yah’s Eden.

Eden has gates, and this is important.   I do not put in a gate if it is not needed for entry or exit.   If the casting out of Adam was permanent, no gate would be needed.

But there is a gate and it is guarded by Cherubim, the warrior angels of Yah.

I cannot get through that gate whilst the law of sin and death still has a hold of my body.   The law of the spirit of Life is acceptable, so in order to re-enter, somehow I must restrain the sin and death within me.

I like a sheep have gone astray, I have turned to my own ways, yet Yahovah has laid on HIM all my sin and death, and by HIS suffering, I am healed.

So who can cover the Adam in me.

Torah made flesh and dwelling with me can cover me such that there is no longer condemnation.  I can go to the fathers gates covered by the three days and three nights of Torah made flesh suffering.

The gates will open for me – but only for me, I cannot take the baggage of religion and idolatry in with me.

I cannot take the Pope, the Archbishop or the Chief Rabbi in with me, they have their own struggles, and it is highly likely that they are herding their flocks in the wrong direction.

I have a Horeb for myself, I can chose Yah and have a personal relationship with Him, or I can choose Moses and he will build a religion for me.   The religion that Moses builds may bring me back to Horeb many times over, but until I choose Yah not Moses there is no going back to Eden.


Are you a Christian?  Are you a Jew? Or are you, like Paul, a follower of the Way?

Jews worship a sack full of scrolls and their Rabbis, Christians worship a Roman pagan torture device known as a crucifix.

Paul as a follower of the Way (of Yahovah) did not need identity or the external iconry of the ‘holy’ man.

When Torah is written upon our hearts we do not need the external virtue signalling to make us set apart, we just follow the pathway set out for us by the personal miracle of Yah that guides us.

When we left the prodigal’s pigsty, we started on a journey, a journey whose destination is the gates of the Father.

We take the journey with the mindset of a servant, and we are met from afar by other servants with messages of encouragement.   But we seek, we listen and we learn.   We strive to become Yah like so that when we arrive, the gates will open for us – we are a good and faithful servant and no threat to the household of Yah, and with no desire to once more demand our own selfish inheritance.

Our inheritance is free will, but it is what we do with it that matters, do we turn back to Yah, or do we continue to be choked by Adam’s world, the world where the path leads only to the pigsty.

It is not about being a famous evangelist, it is about a personal journey of humility, learning to put aside the ‘godship’ of the prodigal and re-entering Eden as a Yah and Creation compliant reborn and unfallen Adam.

Eden has gates, but only those who have given up on fallen Adam and become followers of the Way of Yahovah can enter back in.    That Yah put the gates in Eden means that we can come back, but not as Adam knowing his own good, and his own bad; defining his own identity and his own righteousness.   But as a servant, reborn from above, and displaying Yah’s good and avoiding Yah’s bad.

Adam cannot re-enter Eden unless he gives up his self-godship; his propensity to do it his own way. There is only one way that matters – Yah’s WAY.