God (and Satan)

Have you ever wondered how Yahovah thinks? It is an interesting exercise, imagine you have just created a complex device, say a car, and you are pleased with it, it works well, and it does everything you ask of it. You are happy.
But then the command system computer starts playing up, instead of listening to you, it listens to another voice and starts changing your creation. What do you do.
Well, first you isolate it, you put it in a place where it will not do too much damage. Then you set about fixing it.
That car is me, I am Yahovah’s creation, but I too have been listening to the wrong voice, thinking it was Yah. What can I do?
The first thing to do to repair any car is to read the manual, if only to find out who is qualified to do repairs. Which is the best manual? It is usually the one provided by the creator.

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