Hearts and Minds and Trees

There were two trees in the garden of Eden, two trees that had a profound effect on mankind, one was the tree of knowledge, the other was the tree of life. When Adam was told not to eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge he was told that the consequence would be death, in fact, death twice.

If we assume that the tree of life gave Adam a connection to life, and as a corollary, the tree of knowledge gave Adam a connection to ‘knowledge’, then we suddenly come into line with some profoundly modern scientific research into the connection between consciousness and the unified field where there is now a proven linkage.

If we think of the trees as wireless transmitters, a concept unknown at the time Genesis was written, we can imagine Adam, with his mind connected to the tree of knowledge, and his heart connected to the tree of life. With the heart link ruling over the knowledge link because the tree of life is the spiritual link to Yah and the Tree of Knowledge is the physical link to Yah’s creation.

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2 thoughts on “Hearts and Minds and Trees

  1. Ely

    Hello, Mike. As always, thanks for another great post.
    If I understand correctly what you wrote, after consuming the fruit of knowledge, Eve was repentant, but Adam was not. However, the mainstream religious view always seems to put on Eve the responsibility for the sin. It is always presented that she was the one who gave in to snake’s temptation and ate of the “fruit” first, and then convinced Adam to do the same. Eve was also punished more, as she became subordinate to Adam here on Earth. Do you disagree with that interpretation, and if so, why?
    As an aside: The topic of trees is a fascinating one. Particularly, in Computer science, many {very} efficient search algorithms are based on various “Tree” data structures. Something that would be another concept unknown at the time Genesis, as you so aptly put in your writing. Thank you!

  2. mike93c Post author

    Genesis 3 must be read very carefully, the woman seems to think that she must not even touch the tree, just where did she get this from? Adam was told not to eat of the tree before the arrival of the woman. Had he passed on the wrong information to the woman? We are not told. Obviously the serpent demonstrates that he can touch the tree, no problem, and Yah appeared to be lying.

    The woman states that she was deceived, this is a confession, the serpent was an inferior being and the woman should have known better than to listen. Adam is arrogant and blames the woman and Yah, this is classic projection.

    Traditional religion always boosts the dominance of the male, whereas Yah talks in terms of neither Greek or Jew, bond or free, male or female.

    As for punishment, there is no punishment for the woman, but Yah has to make provision for the survival of the species now that death has come on the scene, Adam is thrown out of the Garden, the woman is not, the Hebrew makes this very clear. Childbirth makes the woman very vulnerable and the man must defend her. Hence the rulling over her.

    But the woman is the lifegiver (Chavah not Eve). Now surrounded by death, the woman gives life. She is the now tenuous connection to the Tree of Life


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