If you google ‘heart’ and ‘neurons’ you will find that the heart has the capacity to ‘think’ for itself, now put that together with the idea that we must love Yahovah with all out heart and we can understand what He is trying to say to us.

There is a reality, a physical ability in us for our hearts to control our beings so we can actually love Yah with our heart, and we can have Torah written upon our heart, and we can also lift up our hearts, it is not some kind of figurative speech, it is a real component in our relationship with Yah.

The relationship which was damaged when Adam ate from the tree of knowledge.

In our natural state, we ignore our hearts as just being just a pump for blood, but the scriptures tell us something different, that the heart is a transmitter receiver connected to Yah, probably through the tree of life.

When we communicate with Yah, it is the heart that we must use, so we must ‘find’ our heart and tune it in to Yah’s frequency.

1 thought on “ALL our HEARTS

  1. Ely

    Thank you, Mike.
    It’s very interesting that common sense wisdom always made references to the heart as a source of the 6-th sense knowledge, so to speak, as in “but deep in their hearts they knew”, “my heart went cold at the thought of this”, etc.
    And of course, the proverb that comes to mind: “Listen to your heart” is very direct and unambiguous.
    If only more people were willing to listen to their hearts, the world would have been a much better place (and I don’t mean in a “bleeding heart compassion to criminals” way).


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