God & Co. purveyors of TRUTH

The truth is out there, but the problem is me.    The whole of Yah’s creation tingles with the feel of the Creator’s touch, but sometimes the obvious is hidden because we are just not seeing it.    The scriptures tell us many things about a heart relationship with Yah, and we mostly skip over them because we use the word ‘heart’ as a euphemism for emotion of any sort.

To us, things have to be mind orientated, and thus we look to the intellect and its sources of knowledge, things that we call facts, but many of which are actually fictions.

Because we have our own godship; our own ability to decide what is good and bad, we apply our own judgement to the themes that are presented to us, and because our knowledge of good and bad is corrupted and incomplete, truths can hide in the shadows of our intellects and lies can prosper and grow appearing to be vessels of light..

Then when the truths emerge our instinct is to reject them and seek the comfort of the familiar.   Thus we stay in the pig sty of religion and tradition.

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