One Way, One Truth, One Life.

Readers of other articles on this blog will know that I consider that Satan created 3 institutions to counter the “back to Torah” message of Yahushua; Catholicism (no Torah), Islam (no bible) and Darwinism (no God).   With these three instruments, he now virtually rules the world.

But he is already defeated in his Toraic role as accuser, he has been thrown out of the heavens, out of the presence of Yah so that he can no longer claim those in Yahushua who have kept Torah to the best of their ability and understanding.

Yah does not care about numbers, He does however care about quality, He wants to change us into His own likeness, so that we can dwell with Him in eternity, and to be able to do this we have to become compliant with His Torah, not with man’s religions and their imitations of, and substitutes for, His Torah.

Yah spoke creation into existence and the Words He spoke comprise Torah and they resound across the ages, they are as relevant today as they were 6000 years ago.

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