Covet? Desire? Lust?

We should not covet our neighbour’s possessions.    If our neighbour is doing better than we are in a worldly sense what does it mean?

My relationship with Yah is unique, it is my story, but to a great extent I share it with my wife and family and with those whom I interact.    It is not a story about worldly wealth, it is a story about how prepared I am to depend upon Yahovah, my Creator.    If I am faithful then I trust and rely on Him, if not, then I rely upon my neighbour.

I should be content with my relationship with Yah, I should take what He gives, and if I want more I should be learning to ask Him as a child would ask his father.

We have no need to covet the products of another’s relationship with Yah.

I would love for this blog to get to millions of people like the big names do, and I could work very hard to ‘get it out there’.   Then I could put in a donate button and reap the benefits, maybe I could then make a membership section with extra facilities – for a price.

I could charge people for God’s word and become a parasite upon the community, I would then be better able not to covet my neighbour’s ass, I would have the means to buy a better one for myself.

But where would my spiritual life be then?   Where would be my trust and reliance on Yah?

The idea of coveting what my neighbour has covers all sorts of things from Jealousy through to desire and lust, but what I have to remember here is that my contentment with those thing that Yah has provided to me is what is really important.

Am I using the powers and principalities of the earth to promote my blog?

Am I using the powers and principalities of darkness?

Or am I content to humbly share my relationship with Yah with those whom He leads to it.    I need to learn to give and not to count the cost, there can be no charge on Yah’s truths, I must freely give before I can freely receive.

Yah is not a commodity, and if our objective is to make a quick buck out of our ability to write or expound the things of Yah then something is very very wrong.

If my lamp’s oil is half empty, then I can call upon my neighbour to fill it for me, but if my lamp is half full then I can praise Yah and let his light shine, relying only upon his promise of sustinance.

I have just had a heart attack caused by diabetes which I did not know I had, I have a choice, I can curse Yah that I now have had this life changing problem, or I can praise Yah that I survived the event and can carry on seeking Yah’s truth.

I cannot covet my neighbour’s good health because as C.S.Lewis would say, “that’s his story”.


2 thoughts on “Covet? Desire? Lust?

  1. Ely

    Hi, Mike, how do you feel now?
    I was very sad to hear about your illness. Is that a type 2 diabetes? I wish you the quickest recovery from that predicament! Please take care of yourself, and all the best,

  2. mike93c Post author

    I am recovering well, it was all a bit of a shock but it is now two weeks and my blood sugar is under control – it is type 2 but I appear to be producing very little of my own insulin, but the pills and diet seem to work – Thank-you Eli.


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