There is a truth, because truth was created by Yah, and His creation is the one sole Truth in this universe of ours

When man became a god by gaining his own perspective on Yah’s Creation, he sought to bend Yah’s Creation to that perspective, but he found that to do this he must lie:-

“She did it, the woman that you gave me”

This was the first lie, and thus was the first religion born.

Religion happens when man (or a fallen angel) seeks to turn his own perspective on creation into his ‘truth’, and to then pervert the appearance of Yah’s Creation to fit that ‘truth’.

So Karl Marx had a vision which he described in his writings, Lenin, Stalin and Mao tried to turn the Marxian vision into communist ‘truth’ and many illions died because it was not Creation compliant.

It is very easy to reject men’s visions, and, like Marx, think that by rejecting religion, one is rejecting Yah and His Truth.    Walking away from Christianity of Judaism changes nothing; what one must realize is that these religions are spring boards from partial truths such that the seeker may use them to explore Yah’s Truths.

If we look at the ‘church’ in the Acts of the Apostles, it is very different to the churches we find today this is because Christianity is mainly based upon the political religion founded upon the political needs of the Roman emperor Constantine.    Contantine and his creation did however preserve much of the ancient writings even if in Greek or Latin forms.

Modern Christianity still includes many of the compromises that Constantine had to make in order for his new religion to become universally acceptable through his empire, and although the scriptures have been available to us for hundreds of years, few really look at what they tell us about Yah as opposed to what church leaders tell us they say about Yah.

Many church leaders are more interested in monetizing their faith, they get a revelation and they then try and sell it to whoever will listen (and hopefully pay).

When the temple was destroyed, Judaism had to be reworked and jobs had to be found for the now unemployed temple workforce.   This is when the ‘rabbi’ (elevated one) and the ‘sage’ (wise one) appeared, and they usurped the earthly assemblies by ring fencing the word of Yah in their traditions and writings.

Most Jews and Christians do not read an follow the scriptures for themselves, they have a layer of ‘religious’ experts to do it for them (for a price).

If you wear a big black hat and a crucifix, and follow the rules, then you are righteous and your salvation is assured, no need to find out what actually Yah says, we have already done that for you!, no need to keep His commandments, just do what we, the leaders of the religion say, pay your dues and the keys of the kingdom are all yours.

(Make the cheques payable to me personally)

Want to be a millionaire, start a new religion……

This is the pigsty we must leave behind, and it is only when we humble ourselves to Yah as servants, can he send His servants to meet us from afar and guide us home, if we refuse to listen to the servants because we still believe we are ‘sons’ then we cannot progress.

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