Out of my Egypt

It is a common fallacy to think that we have to work to obtain forgiveness of sins etc, the truth is much more simple, yet infinitely more difficult.

To sin, is to fall short of Torah as an arrow might fall short of the target.   Torah is the abstract for the words which Yah uttered when He spoke Creation into existance, and thus the ‘unforgivable sin’ is to deny that “In the beginning Yah Created”.

Yet we allow sin to be redefined time and time again such that we don’t know whether we are coming or going.   I have heard a pastor tell children that it is a sin to pray for themselves, thus inventing a new sin, a sin of Cain one might say.

Religion thrives on the invention and convention of sin, but Yah is not really interested in what men perceive to be sin, sin can be dealt with, unbelief cannot.   It is our faith that “in the beginning Yah Created” that makes us whole, and that further, living a Creation compliant life carries its own rewards far in excess of what we can achieve by following men’s religions.

Jesus did non carry my sins to the old rugged cross, what Yahushua did was to defeat Satan in Hades such that he could no longer accuse me, or the many others born into Adam’s enslavement.   It is for this reason, and this reason only that there is no condemnation to those in Yahushua.

For those who do not believe that in the beginning Yah Created there is condemnation, condemnation because they are the creation of Adam, the creation of death, for Adam was thrown out of Creation (Eden) because he had chosen death rather than life.   Being very physical, we tend to see death as the failure of the body, but there is the ‘breath’ to consider as well as the dust.

My body is beginning to disassemble, I am past retirement age and I grow slow and weak, I lack the stamina I had just a few years ago.   But my spirit does not age, in fact, it appears to grow more pointed and more profound.

In this age of distraction it is easy to convince ourselves the God is a sick joke, and to generally hold up our own godship as more important.   So Creation itself becomes irrelevant; it exists, it went bang, it evolved and sometime in the future it will pop like a bubble.   So eat drink and make merry for life is too short to get close to Yah.

Thus is religion unattractive, on the whole it preaches conformity and a dull and tedious group lifestyle where we all watch each other so we can point fingers, thus joining ourselves to that other great accuser.   Does this bring us close to Yah’s Creation?

Yah has to bring each of us personally out of Egypt, but to do this we have to hold out our hand to Him, He is the Creator, His is the voice that spoke the words of Creation, and only his word can take me personally out of Egypt.   It is then up to me to continue along His Way, along the path to Creation Compliance.   Soon the barren deserts of our Egypt turn into the riches of our nearness to  Creation, and that maybe we can re-enter that seraphim guarded gate.


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