There is civilization and thenthere is the warlord culture of the world and of darkness.   Man wants to be top dog; Adam rejected Yah and sought to establish his own dominance by pointing out Yah’s ‘mistakes’.   So he built his own world based on his own knowledge of good and evil – and when Cain killed Abel the warlord culture was born

Without Yah’s Torah, there is no freedom, and those religions that espouse the doctrines of men (Rabbis, Popes etc.) seek to keep men in bondage, and the only real revolutions have been those where men went back to the bible, back to a personal relationship with Yah.

Soon after the bible was printed in the local language, and became freely available, so men began to get back to the freedom that is embedded in Yah’s Torah, protestants went back to the bible and Northern European began to prosper.   Coincidence? No, not at all.

The 1800’s saw the dawning of an age of bible based Christian prosperity, but Satan once again moved to block it, just as he had done with Roman Catholicism and Islam.    Darwin proposed a preposterous theory which was latched on to by the brood of Adam and Cain as a way once more to short circuit Yah’s Torah once more.

Darwin, on the observed basis of micro evolution in the beaks of finches, proposed that there was no ‘Creation’ and that all life forms evolved from simple unicellular organisms by a process of natural selection and survival of the fittest.   That loving Yahovah and the family of men were just mythological constructs with no foundation in (his) ‘science’.

That we too are just animals with only selfish desires.

The religion of ‘evolution’ and its cruel offspring (Communism, Nazism, socialism) eroded the civilization that had grown up around the bible, and mankind once more began to succumb to the ancient warlord culture of aggressive and violent ambition and greed.

Whereas we should be depending upon Yah and His provision, we are now taught to worship the provision of men of supposedly good intent.   But to prosper, we must leave this pigsty and go back to the bible, back to Yah’s way, to Yah’s Truth to that personal relationship with Him that enables us to join in with the mystical synergy that comes from being Creation compliant.

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