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A Question of Balance

When Adam ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil he became a split personality.   His life became a question of balance, or rather imbalance.   All the things he did were tempered by the idea of good, and the idea of evil.   But in Yah’s eyes, both were wrong because both were the products of disobedience.

So all actions of Adam became subject to a curse of balance, and each action in Adam’s life had an equal and opposite reaction in Adam’s death.  Not only that, but other peoples actions could affect the abundance or dearth in Adam’s life, pushing him further towards life or death.

Also, each action of Adam’s has an effect on the balance of Adam’s life, moving him closer to death, or closer to abundant life.    But given the perversity of Adam’s knowledge under which this system was invented, so each positive movement (by Adam) results in an equal and opposite negative movement so retaining the balance.

However, balance of life can be affected also by actions which have their origin in the Kingdom of Yahovah.   These actions do not have a counterbalance effect, they just move the point of balance, either towards death or away from it.

Keeping TORAH means that we are living according to Yah’s standards of Good and Evil, not according to our own standards of good and evil (or those of other men who regard themselves arbiters of our relationship with Yah). Actions in accordance with TORAH are positive and life enhancing, they do not have any adverse counter balance actions.

We approach death when the death side of the balance gets so heavy that it wipes out the life force. At this point physical life ends. At this point we are once more subject to Yah and his spiritual scales of justice. If we have kept TORAH then we will have built up a positive spiritual balance, but if we have rejected TORAH then we will not be recognized at all, we will have no positive spiritual assets. However, if we have amassed negative spiritual assets by working with other gods then we will share the fate of those gods.