The Two Trees

When Yahovah created all things, including mankind, He did it by His word, He spoke his creation into existence.  He spoke trees into existence, He spoke stars into existence, all things He spoke into existence.   The words He used to speak these things into existence we call Torah, and Torah is the blueprint of Yah’s creation.

Strictly speaking, the blueprint describes the design drawings of a project and the way that they used to be reproduced by the elementary copying machines available before the modern photocopying machines.   But design documentation, known as the blueprint (they were literally blue prints), was not only the drawing, it was the whole design and included the descriptions of the materials used and how they fitted together, how they were to be manufactured (casting, forging etc.) and how the parts were to be heat treated or other like processes.

Torah thus describes Yah’s creation, and the part of it relevant to mankind was given to Moses at Mount Horeb, to be written down and to become a guideline of how mankind should live in order to live in harmony with Yah and his Creation.

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