Hearts and Minds

Adam was made in the  image of Yah in effect he was a clone of Yahovah, and when he ate of the forbidden fruit, it poisoned him such that his linkage to Yahovah, and to Yah’s knowledge of Good and Evil was severed.

Adam became a ‘mind’ centred being, the poisonous fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil severed the connection between Adam’s Heart and Adam’s mind so that Adam’s senses were now connected to his mind ONLY.

This not only isolated Adam from Yah, it also isolated Adam from all of Yah’s creation, including the Woman and the Serpent.   He was now in a completely physical bubble centred on his own intellect.

In effect, he had created his own world within his own intellect and governed by his own torah (instruction manual).

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1 thought on “Hearts and Minds

  1. Patches

    There is no connection to Yah through our minds, our intellect or brain, the connection is through our Hearts, it we want to live a life in Yah’s Kingdom then we must remake the spiritual connection between our consciousness and senses and our Heart, and this has nothing to do with emotions or conscience, these are firmly centred in our own torah, mishna and talmud.

    I think ibn the first line after Hearts it should be an If 🙂


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