Who is Perfect?

When we talk about the ‘fall’ of Adam, we assume that the Adam of Genesis became ‘imperfect’ but are we justified in making that assumption?

Creation IS still Tov Mehod (perfect) because it is Yah’s creation and HE does not change.   Adam was created in the “image and likeness” of Yah so he too IS perfect.   But Adam was poisoned by the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.   Did that make him imperfect?

We cannot know that until the last day when Yah winds up this Torah and brings down a new Torah.

Ir Adam is with Yah on the last day then his, Adam’s, perfection is revealed.   Yah created us with a ‘homing’ mechanism like that of a pigeon, we take our inheritance (of perfection) and we stray off of the Way, we live with the pigs and eat with the pigs, but our perfection cuts in and some of us start on the way back to Yah.

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