Heart Love and Soul Love

Creation consists of two elements, one might call them ‘Chaim’ and “da’at” both from the Hebrew, and equating to the physical and the abstract realms. We as people are very tied up with the physical realm of creation, but we are not very good on the abstract, having a tendency to see all things in their ‘chaim’ form. But each object also has its da’at form.

When Yah created the heavens and the earth, he did not create physical smartphones, but he did create the underlying natural science that allows smartphones to work. The underlying material, the silicon and the plastic, and its science is the chaim, the knowledge that was applied to the materials is the da’ah.

When mankind ate the ‘poisoned’ fruit of the tree of knowledge, he stopped seeing ‘Chaim’ as Yah sees it through his infinite knowledge (the Creator’s knowledge of his creation), and started seeing it through his (Adam’s) own puny knowledge, like looking at life through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars.

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