Pastors and poison

Next time you have a conversation with your pastor, ask him by what authority does he take charge of the spiritual lives of maybe thousands of people.

Ask him where is prophet Smith or teacher Jones, where is evangelist Mary or apostle Martha, ask him where the scriptures separate out the pastor for special treatment, last time I looked, it was the prophet that was all important.
Yah wants us to have a relationship with Himself, a one to one direct accountability where we put aside our own godship and Join Yah’s GODSHIP, thus reversing what happened in the Garden of Eden.

Having a ‘pastor’ alone, out the front, with no prophet or teachers is pagan, it is a form that Satan uses to keep control.

People have a natural inclination to let others take responsibility, and this is what the traditional pastor does, but in doing so he or she is usurping Yah, when I come before Yah I will be held responsible for my actions (or lack thereof), not the pastor (he gets it in the neck for leading you astray!).

The pastor’s job is twofold, to get bums on seats and to get money in the kitty. Usually he is trained and equipped by a religious sect, and given a ‘church’ which he must run at a profit whilst also not deviating from the ‘received’ doctrine of the sect. He sinks or swims, and if he turns a profit, he gets promoted and gets a bigger, more important church.

Non of this has anything to do with Yah.

Yah’s gift to the body is the 5 ministries, Satan’s gift is a minister who will substitute for Yah, which one of these describes your set-up?

Stop and think, ask the question “is this scriptural?” If it is not, then challenge your pastor, does he start making excuses? Does he wriggle? Does he rebuke you? If you are like me you will be asked to leave before you contaminate his flock, note though, it is the pastors flock not Yah’s flock, and they are going to be awfully angry when the time comes, then they will wail and gnash their teeth.

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