Moving On

At Horeb the Children of Israel refused to have a one 2 one relationship with Yahovah, this resulted in the need for a tabernacle in the wilderness and a priesthood to substitute as intermediaries. Adam, in Eden had chosen to go his own way, he felt that his independence from Yah, his creator, was important to himself and having his own godship was better, but in so doing he irrevocably departed from living in harmony with creation and the healing and beneficial way of Yahovah the Creator.

To mitigate this Yah had the Children of Israel build the tabernacle and start a process of sacrifices and offerings which kept the idea of compliance at the forefront of their minds, it provided a symbology by which the seeker after truth could arrive at Yah’s threshold.
The tabernacle in the wilderness became Solomon’s Temple in which the essence of Yah could be seen, later, after the loss of the first House of Yahovah, the second (Herod’s) temple was build, and greatly expanded and enriched upon by Herod. This was the temple that Yahoshua said would be destroyed and rebuilt in 3 days.

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2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Phinehas


    I just wanted to say that I greatly appreciate these articles. You are extremely brilliant and have helped me realize many truths, and overcome some obsticals with scripture. When will you be writing more? Looking forward to it.


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