From the time that Adam ate of the forbidden fruit, and, by it, obtained his own godship, his own ability to decide what is good and what is evil, mankind has wobbled away from the Creator’s path; The Way, The Truth and The Life of Yah, and substituted his own way, his own truth and his own life.

The serpent aided and abetted this process and will, forever, influence mankind to each “do it my way”. Satan does not care what we do as long as it takes us away from Yah’s Way. Yah’s Truth and Yah’s Life.
Man’s free will means that he has choices in life, and the biggest choice he has is whether to seek the Creators truth or not, to seek the Creator’s truth he must put aside his own godship, if he does not then he will always find the truth according to his own knowledge of good and evil.

There are many things that man considers evil, but Yah does not, one of them is polygamy, another is underage marriage. There is nothing in the bible which prohibits these things, and both are surrounded by man-made social edifices. To understand Yah’s attitude we must consider the role of husband, and or father.

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