Synergy and Yah’s Creation

In the beginning Yah created – everything, and what is more it was – perfect and complete in every way. That iPhone that you use, its technology was catered for in Yah’s original creation, even if mankind did not discover it for thousands of years.
We have a choice, we can choose to live in harmony with Yah’s creation by keeping its laws commandments and statutes, or we can do our own thing and lose the synergy and harmony that comes from doing things the Creator’s way.

If I do things my way, I am effectively saying “I am god, and I know best”. This is what Adam did, and the result is always chaotic because man’s knowledge is puny compared to that of Yah the creator and inventor of all things.

If I invent something, I usually know it better than everyone else, I know its secret inner workings, so I know what makes it work well, and I know why it is not working well. I write the user’s manual with this in mind. If I invent a vacuum cleaner I do not need to explain the laws of magnetic flux that makes it work. I explain how to assemble, switch on, and use the device. Yah’s manual, written down in 5 volumes by His servant Moses, does exactly this, it tells us that if we do things Yah’s way, without adding to or taking away from Yah’s way, then we will prosper.

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2 thoughts on “Synergy and Yah’s Creation

  1. phils2017blog

    Hi Mike,

    I am really focused on all of your articles both here and at GoV where I mistakenly posted last night. Apparently my subsequent attempt to reply here must have failed because I don’t see it.

    My layman’s interest both in Torah, but also in Creation doctrine as well, convinces me that even religious folks tend not to think things through very carefully when it comes to basics. For example, I have been astonished that the Levitical prescription for dietary health is taken so lightly, even for being practically anything but for what in fact it is — good advice from the owner’s manual. It seems that the word “laws” is what sets them off. The administration of the ancient laws may have changed, but surely the law’s eternal nature doesn’t change. Even the Pastors you refer to will misapply their own Scriptures to persuade their flock that the dietary laws have been abrogated by taking particular verses out of context to suggest that they have meaning pertaining to food, when the subject is really quite something else. There is no reasoning with those who do this.

    However that may be, if I have learned one thing, it is this: How they hate Thy law.

    The same can be said about Yah’s Creation. It’s either that in its magnificence and complexity, or it’s the view that things are just there, the same as saying that Nothing created Everything, clearly a religious view, even if it poses as a scientific one.

    The trap appears to be the notion that deep down inside, we are all good, as you mention is plainly stated in Gen. 3. When that belief grows to maturity, a person tends to think he is beyond reproach. The best among them take the view that they are good, they are only good, and only they are good.

    Of course, only God is good.

    I often wish I had taken my father’s advice when he said, “Think it, but don’t say it.”

    But if we don’t say it, they win!

    What say you? I’ve had quite some years of experience with this, and every seed I’ve planted seems to have fallen on rocky soil where the birds quickly eat them all up. Maybe the best way for the layman is to do his level best by example and not say anything.

    Anyway, many thanks for all your efforts. Great job!

    1. mike93c Post author

      Thank-you so much for the comment, it is very encouraging to know that others are around. We have a small group in Sderot, mainly from the US, but with my wife and I from UK. All of us have had a journey through ‘Christianity’ to a post Christian experience centred on Torah and a personal relationship with Yah. All of us are in our 60’s and have been ‘believers’ for 30+ years.

      We get a fairly constant throughput of visitors from Europe and the US, many just listen politely, they KNOW that Jebus died for their sins and that grace abounds (so they can therefore sow their wild oats and pray for a crop failure, in complete confidence of OSAS) others stop and listen and a few come back for more.

      I have yet to find the verse in the scripture where it abrogates Yah’s condemnation of human sacrifice in Deuteronomy 12, Yahushua was murdered, and yes, because He died, He defeated Satan who can no longer demand the spirits of those who have denied Torah but are ‘in’ Yahushua.

      Because Satan can no longer accuse, Yah no longer needs to condemn etc.

      The Yoke of Yah is actually very simple and very light, but we humans try our hardest to make it difficult.


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