In society there are rules, and if I keep the rule I can exist hassle free, if I break the rules I eventually suffer as a result.    It is the same with Yah’s creation, He gave us a set of rules, rules which tell us how to get the best out of His creation.

When we break those rules we do not appear to suffer any more than anybody else, could it be that that is because everybody else is also breaking the rules?

Yah’s people. We are told, are exceptional, they stand out.   Why do they stand out? Because they guard His Torah, the Torah given to us in the first 5 books of the bible.

Rabbis and pastors are like shopkeepers, they are selling a product, and the more product they sell, the better off they are.   Where is this in Torah?   Often these rabbis and pastors wear a uniform so that they can be ‘exceptional’.

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