There is a theme that runs through Yah’s scripture a theme of a perfect creation, and at its peak, mankind, made in the image and likeness of his Creator.    Of two ‘trees’ each like a WiFi beacon, one communicating knowledge, back and forth, to the mind of man , the other communicating life to the heart of man.

Man has also been made with a homing instinct so that, when separated from Yah, his Creator, he will seek for that Creator.

He also has free will and an insatiable curiosity for the things of the world, and he sits with Yah to learn, or not as the case may be.

But man strays into disobedience, he listens to the whispers of the serpent, and gets himself cut off from the transmissions from the tree of life, and his brain (with its link to the tree of Knowledge) comes to rule his being instead of his heart as Yah desires.

But man’s brain is as yet incompetent, it is unable to interpret ‘knowledge’ correctly without his heart link to Yah, there is the truth that is Yah’s creation, and there is opinion which is man’s fabrications, and now ‘opinion’ rules.

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