Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

Christians must be very careful how they describe the sacrifice of their Jesus on the cross (a pagan Roman torture device dating back to Babylon).   Human sacrifice is not acceptable to Yah, and John tells us that “the Word (logos) was made flesh (human) and dwelt among us”

The Greek word ‘Logos’ is interesting, a ‘logos’  is a hard fact whereas a ‘mythos’ has a spiritual element, so in the Septuagint we find logos used for the Hebrew ‘Torah’ (signpost) and for the word Debar (directions)….

So Torah was made flesh and dwelt among us.

So what is Torah that it can be made flesh?  Could it be the Words spoken by Yah that commanded Creation itself?

“In the beginning was Torah, and Torah was with Yah and Torah was Yah, all things were made by it and without it was not anything made which was made”

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