Without TIME or WIT

Once one realizes that the whole idea of dispensationalism is wrong, then the idea that Yah changed His mind about Jews and Torah becomes ridiculous, He tells us direct that not only does He Himself not change, but that Torah endures to the end of the age, it is timeless.

A ‘Jew’ (Hebrew) is anybody who keeps Yah’s Torah (not men’s).

Yah tells us that He, and He alone created the Heavens and the Earth, and we have a choice, we can either believe Him or disbelieve Him, it is quite simple.

But we have to take His word for it, and whilst there there is a whole lot of evidence, there is no proof.  One hears many who say to Yah “show yourself to me then I will believe”, but this is to invert the hierarchy, it is not for Yah to show himself to me, but for me to show myself to Yah, and I do that by believing that “in the beginning Yah created”

However, if you believe that in the beginning ‘nothing’, then you cannot present yourself to Yah, and whose problem is that?

I look out of the window and I see a creation, it is there, it exists, I can touch, see, hear, taste and smell it.   Somehow it got itself made and we can rightly assume that there is/was a creative force.

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