The Father of Lies

From the very beginning, Satan has used lies against the personal relationship between man and his Creator.   Those lies are even now surging through Yah’s creation destroying all those houses built on the sand of human knowledge.

The dialogue between the serpent and the woman in Genesis 3 is fascinating; and every word is nuanced.   But the big lie of self godship, is built upon a previous half-truth; the woman believes that she must not even touch the tree of knowledge.

Knowledge is a raw material, it is like a ton of bricks which if expertly place each one in relation to another, will build a palace, but which, without the necessary expertise, is just a pile of rubble.

In Eden the expertise was supplied by the linkage to the tree of life, connection to Yah was a connection to His omniscience that enabled knowledge, the raw material  to be shaped and  used to understand and live by the truths of Creation.

Wisdom is the combination of the Creator’s knowledge of Creation and the knowledge which is the product of Creation itself, in effect the tree of Knowledge supplies the knowledge and the tree of life supplies the ability to use that knowledge properly.

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4 thoughts on “The Father of Lies

  1. Ely

    Hi, Mike, I have a kind of a general question: I always wondered why did the whole affair revolve around the Tree of Knowledge, as opposed to the Tree of Life.
    How come Adam and Eve were particularly interested in the Knowledge tree, and not the other one? It looks like the Serpent deliberately steered them towards it, knowing that the consequence will be death to both. However, partaking of the Tree of Life first could have secured their eternal lives. Anyway, to me that is a further proof the Serpent wanted the humans to become mortal, thus having his competitors removed.

    1. mike93c Post author

      Hello Eli, the simple answer is that the scriptures do not really give us direct information, but we can tease out some indications.
      Firstly the serpent knew a lot more about how this works than did Adam, and was most certainly manipulating the situation.
      We do not know much about the angelic covenant between Yah and the ‘messengers’ but we can pick up hints here and there. The (fallen) angels have special knowledge we are told in the Book of Enoch: Pharmacy, weaponry and genetic manipulation. The serpent is the most ‘subtle’ of beasts, It has an ultra high IQ. The serpent knows the vulnerability of its victims,

      I suspect that there is a celestial game of ‘poker’ going on where we are the chips to be won or lost, and that as long as there are seekers after Yah’s truths the game is still in play. Satan has to play by the rules set by Yah, but whatever Satan does, Yah is always ahead and men (and woman) throw off the subtleties of Satan, leave the pig sty and start on the road back to their Father’s house (in humility as servants prepared to do things Yah’s way).

      In the end Satan will break the rules and forfeits the game, and this seems to be tied up with the killing of the two witnesses.

      That they did not eat of the tree of life ( and of knowledge) means that they had no need or wish to do so, It was only after the fall that the need arose. Eating the fruit of the tree meant that the ‘action’ of the tree was internalized, they already had a ‘life’ connection. They also had a knowledge connection, but eating of the fruit appeared to change a ‘wifi’ connection to a cable connection, and the cable connection bypassed Yah. Adam became a god in his own rite, but he was not an omnicient god and was much diminished by the new arrangement. Now his free will was only subject to his own mind, will and emotion and his own ability to turn knowledge into wisdom.

      He was thrown out of the garden because he was now in competition with Yah, and until he comes before Yah in all humility he continues to be unacceptable to Yah.

      In the eternal poker game, there are chips belonging to Satan, there are those belonging to Yah, and there are those on the table. Those few belonging to Yah are of great worth! they mean that He can stay in the game.

      1. Ely

        Mike, thank you so much for your great commentary. I agree, it probably didn’t even occur to neither Adam nor Eve that the Life connection would be severed as a result of their action (Sin). And I absolutely believe the “Snake” knew that, and that was its goal.
        BTW: what did you mean by “the killing of the two witnesses”? did it already happen or is something that it prophesied to happen in the future? Thank you!

      2. mike93c Post author

        It is the last prophetic happening brfore the second comming; the second coming is not a nice thing (except for Torah keepers) anf Yahushua is coming to rule with a rod of iron….

        Revelations 11 v 1 and on

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