When we add to, or take away from Yah’s Torah, the five books of Moses, we put ourselves in conflict with the Creator and His Creation.    It is most arrogant to assume that we know better than Yah.

Religion is the process of replacing Yah’s truths with man’s interpretations, Yah defined a personal relationship, where each seeks the truths of Yah for him/her self.

And that leaves no room for the Pharisees.

Every religion has its Pharisees, those who ‘lead’, and ‘interpret’ the scriptures for the common people, at a price of course.

The Pharisees of Yahushua’s time preached the Babylonian Talmud, it was a sect that replaced Yah with ‘sages’ after the fashion of Babylon itself.    There are no ‘Pharisees’ in the Mosaic scriptures.

The Pharisees are a pagan tradition which has crept into Christianity and Judaism by the back door, the Temple priests had no authority to change or interpret the scriptures, they carried out temple tasks, handling the animals and organising the people only.

The synagogues were reading rooms where the scriptures were read, a scroll was expensive, probably in the region of half a million dollars equivalent, a herd of sheep slaughtered for the parchment, ink (an expensive commodity) and the scribe working for months and needing to keep his family in food and shelter etc.

So the scrolls were shared, and those who could read, read them to the illiterate (not many).

The scrolls were copied very, very carefully, and the Hebrew scriptures are consistent within a miniscule margin of error.

Nobody in the scriptures is appointed to interpret Yah to the people, and the prophets had to get it right 100% on pain of death.   True Prophets are sent amongst us by Yah to bring us back to His Word and to a personal relationship with Him, they spend most of their efforts trying to get people to see that THEY, the people, are fully qualified to seek Yah’s truths for themselves, they have to live the LIFE of Yah personally by means of Torah (and Torah written on our hearts), not through the vicars, priests, pastors, or rabbis.   The Prophets are the baggage handlers whose job is to trim the excess and make up the shortfalls and relieve us of our worldly burdens.

It is a totally FREE service provided by a loving Creator!

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