What am I on this Earth for?

It is a profound question, on for which the answer lies in the beginning and not midway through.


In the beginning Yah created, and He put man there to husband His creation.   So Yah put intelligence and creativity and sentience into His creation.   The main role was to be handled by man, made in the image and likeness of Yah.

Yah also provided a source of knowledge and a connection to the wisdom required to use that knowledge.    All was well up to the time when Yah divided the man into male and female, and at some point the female was misled about how knowledge worked and still works.

The tree of life is mankind’s connection to Yah,  it allows Yah’s wisdom to flow into man on request, like a faucet where man can control the flow.   Using Yah’s wisdom, man can then tap the tree of knowledge knowing intrinsically from his connection to Yah (life) how to use knowledge to the benefit of the environment under his charge.

The woman draws her participation in the tree of life through the man, and the first chink in the armour, we can guess, is when the man gives her the wrong information about the tree of knowledge.   The woman believes she must not even touch the tree.

The serpent, in rebellion against Yah, uses this to deceive the woman into eating the fruit, and Adam makes his fatal decision.   The woman was deceived, the man chose, using the free will Yah had provided, to disobey Yah and no sin was committed until Adam threw his new found godship into Yah’s face – “she did it, the woman that you gave me”.

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