In the beginning Yah created a fantasy which we humans call ‘reality’ for it is very real to us.    We can to a great extent choose our character in this fantasy; and we can either work with the fantasy, or try to mould the reality to our own benefit.

When Yah looked at His fantasy He saw it as perfect, but when I look at Yah’s fantasy I see ‘reality’ instead, and my instinct is to start to remake reality in my own image which inevitably brings me into conflict with those millions of others also trying to shape their own reality.   It also brings me into conflict with that fantasy as it was created by Yah Himself.

Yah’s fantasy does not change, it is the same yesterday, today and forever, and I can continue trying to change it, and be totally frustrated, or I can learn about it, live within it and use it as Yah meant it to be used.   It is my choice.

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