If My People

If my People, who are called by my name will do four thngs:

Humble themselves


Seek my face

Turn from their wicked ways.

Only then will Yah heal from heaven,   IF is a big little word, and this scripture applies in both the individual life and in the national life.   But first we have to get His name right, it is not ‘God’ or ‘Lord’ or Hashem’ or Adonai. It is Yahovah or Yahweh or however else the tetragrammaton can be pronounced.    The dispute about pronunciation is a man made thing but Yah just says call Me by My Name.    The name of Yah tells us who He is – the eternal one.

We are humble when we are prepared to be servants not sons as was the Prodigal.

We pray when we have a dialogue with Yah about ourselves and our lives before Him as vassals of the King in His kingdom.

We seek His face when we put no other idols before Him in importance, not ourselves, not the television, not the computer and not the iPhone.

And we turn from our wicked ways when we decide to keep Torah


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