Seeking His Face

To seek His face, now just what does that mean?    The literal translation of the second commandment is that we should have no other gods in his face, and we are all too eager to throw our own godship in His face.

Yah s all knowing and all seeing, and yet we have the temerity to think that we know better, we change His sabbath to Sunday, we change Passover to ‘Easter’ and Taruwah to (Jewish) New Year (Rosh Hashanah).    That is throwing our godship in His face in a big way.    Christmas too, we take the pagan feast of Saturnalia and pretend it is something to do with Yahushua, and if there were shepherds abiding on the hillsides watching their flocks by night, then it was not the end of December, its just too cold for the sheep.

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