To ‘repent’ jn the Hebrew is to make a turn about, a 180 degree turn that implies a move in the opposite direction.    In the case of turning from our wicked ways, we MUST turn back to Torah, to Yah’s way of doing things not man’s way.

The Hebrew word used here for wicked is ‘Rah’ the same word used in Genesis 3 to describe the knowledge of good and bad that Adam got from eating the forbidden fruit.

We must turn away from doing things Adam’s way and turn back to doing things Yah’s way according to His Torah.

On day six of creation Yah looked back on His creation and pronounced it ‘good’ (Tov) only then did He create Adam, and after doing so He pronounced His creation ‘perfect’ (tov Me’od).   Creation itself remains perfect, however whilst I follow Adam’s way it is not perfect, but the moment I turn back to Yah’s way, the way of Torah, then that perfection can start to re-establish itself in my vicinity.    All the time I behave like Adam, doing things my way, that perfection is in abeyance for there is only one way that leads to life, all other ways lead to Adam’s death.

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