Maimonides, the Rambam, reduced Yah’s Torah to 613 rules for various types of people, males, females priests etc.    He missed the point and has created a rule defined religion and thrown it in Yah’s face.   Torah is actually about becoming Creation compliant and thus worshipping the Creator 24×7.

“Thou shalt not” only applies to those who want to live their lives in The Kingdom of Yahovah, the 613 rules applies to those who want to live their lives in the Kingdom of the Rambam.

We have to choose whose spiritual kingdom we wish to live in, and having chosen we need to present ourselves to the King and offer our obedience to his rule.    We are then free to use our knowledge and intellect within those boundaries defined by the King.

We can choose to love Yahovah with all our heart, and keep His commandments, or we can choose to love the Rambam with all our hearts and keep his commandments, they may even be the same commandments, but one is divine and the other is dead.

One can imagine the Rambam watching over us with a clipboard, ticking off our positive actions and making notes of our deviations….

With Yah however we are a beloved part of His Creation, and when we keep His commandments because we love Him with all our hearts we come back to Eden so to speak.   If we approach Yah, the Creator of all things with humility, seeking not to tell Him how to create a better world next time around, but in total acceptance that He got it absolutely right this time around, then we will get results.

Nothing I can do or say will change Yah’s Creation, but becoming Creation compliant will change me beyond all recognition.

It is not my place to criticize Yah and Yah’s Creation, I totally lack the credentials to so do.   My role in this is to seek His face, not to throw my own puny godship in His face.    If I learn now to approach Yah as a servant, the chances are that He will make me a Son.



2 thoughts on “Sonship

  1. Ely

    Mike, I totally agree that 613 rules and regulations are way too many to follow/observe by any normal/sane/balanced person. Unless you want the process (of following them) to become the goal, instead of seeking and interacting with living God.
    Looking at this from another angle, I find it hard to believe that God would put in place so many intricate rules to follow, and force everyone to constantly “walk on thin ice” just to be “kosher” in His eyes. This makes the whole process seem unnatural and imposed; it traps people, who now must rely on a special group of “sages” to gain access to Divine. I once worked with a guy who spent his whole life trying to follow those rules, and to put it mildly, I was not impressed.
    As you pointed out, this set of rules is a human contraption, a means of controlling the masses by a small clique of “learned” rabbies, acting as intermediaries.
    Similarly to how the labyrinth of criminal and other laws has spawned a huge multitude of so-called lawyers (or should it be liars?) to interpret them. For a fee, of course.

    As always, many thanks for your brilliant insights!

  2. mike93c Post author

    In oh so many ways we see the creation as important not the Creator, worshipping the creation is religion, living a life which is Creation compliant is what Yah intended for us and the benefits are enormous


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