Torah Compliant Parenthood

Before the fall, man was naked and knew it not, after the fall he was embarrassed by his nudity and wore a kirtle of leaves.   Something changed, and it is still with us.

Consider a cup of water, it may be half full, or half empty and some of us will praise Yah for it being half full and wait for Him to fill it to overflowing, others will curse Him for it being half empty and will endeavour to fill it to overflowing themselves.

If we are to live Creation compliant lives we must allow Yah, and only Yah, to fill our cup, and we must at all times trust and be satisfied with our lot, knowing that Yah alone is Just and that we will always get what we deserve good or bad.

Mankind became aware of his own body at the time of the fall, that is why he covered up.   Whilst in Eden Yah’s Creation provided for all his wants and needs.   When he was thrown out of Eden he had to fend for himself.   He was in control.    But he had to grow his own food and labour to keep himself.   If we repent and return to Eden then there is no place for our knowledge of good and evil, we must take what Yah has to offer with praise and thanksgiving.

He was commanded us to go forth and multiply, and we did, we had to or else mankind would become extinct.

In doing so we continued to obsess about our bodies, and particularly about our sexuality, we created a mythology and many taboos around sex, and manhood.

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