Torah made Flesh

If Torah was made flesh and dwelt amongst us, then those who reject Torah, those who add to Torah and those who take away from Torah need to watch very carefully exactly what the scriptures say about them, for they are not considered to be Hebrews, for they have not crossed over.

Many people use their own knowledge to pick and choose which bits of Torah to keep.   They go to church on Sunday, they keep Easter and Christmas, they keep Rosh Hashanah but not Taruwah.

Taruwah starts next Wednesday evening and is the first of the fall feasts.  Leviticus 23 tells us the when and the why.   I suspect that Taruwah is what Shaul (Paul) is referring to when he talks of a trumpet and meeting in the clouds.

At Taruwah we greet Yah, we welcome him with rejoicing, in Psalm 98 we ‘make a joyful noise (Rua) by singing a renewed song because His right hand and his holy arm has won a great victory.

Torah is the words with which Yah spoke His creation into existence, we either choose to keep it in its entirety or we use man’s knowledge of good and evil to cherry pick.

I cannot emphasize too much the importance of Torah, it is the very definition of Yah’s creation, and the bits that apply to man were written down by Moses so that the children of Israel, those who came out of Egypt, had a reference point.   The rest he writes on our hearts.

Happy Taruwah, Yahushua, the right hand and the Holy arm won! and there is therefore no condemnation to those in Yehushua and who keep Torah!

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