Thou shall have no other gods in my face

Thou shall have no other gods in my face

Ok that is easy, or is it?   What about my own godship, do I fling that in Yah’s face?   Unfortunately, many times a day I suspect.

There are an awful lot of gods out there; all seeking my attention and my resources, they call themselves Rabbi’s and Pastors and they come in all shapes and sizes.   But without fail they ask for my singular loyalty and my donations.

And every time you or I give it to them we are acknowledging their godship, and we are throwing their godship in the face of Yah.   Yah did not set up religious ‘leaders’ he only set up His servants.

More seriously, I too am a god, and every time I try to teach Yah to suck eggs, I am throwing my godship in his face by telling Him what he must do and how he must do it.

I must approach Yah in all humility, I must learn to live my life His way, according to His instructions, some of which are given to me in Torah and some by personal revelation.   It is a great temptation to be like Mohammed, when he wanted more wives, so he went into a trance and ‘allah’ told him that he, and only he, can have 15 wives.   In this he way treats his god as a ventriloquist’s dummy.

This is very convenient and in this same way, the Lord can tell me to do anything I want so I have to be wary.

But all of this is a product of my godship, not of Yah’s, when I do things ‘my way’ I do it according to my knowledge of good and bad and often ignore Yah’s different (and perfectly correct) Knowledge of Good and Bad.

I must approach Yah in all humility for he alone is omniscient, and he alone has the wisdom to use the Knowledge stored up in the tree.    If I am humble then He will share His Wisdom, but if I rush in and tell Yah (and my readers/hearers) how to do things then I am a fool.  For I have no wisdom; my wisdom is as filthy rags to Yah.

Yah IS in control, and although it may not look like it, or feel like it, it is so.   My job is to sort out MY relationship with Yah, to get ever closer to Him so that I may be changed into His image, and if I try to do that my way I will have already failed.   The world is given over to Satan, but the pathway to the tree of life is open to us all.   But the gate is narrow and the pathway difficult.   I have to walk softly and tread lightly because I carry the fallen Adam with me and he will always try to get me to try the other way; my way.

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