Graven Images

So what is a graven image? It is any physical object upon which we bestow godlike attributes, a personal shrine that substitutes for a personal heart-felt relationship with Yahovah our personal Elohim.

As such, the graven image might be the television pumping out worldly propaganda or the smartphone constantly demanding our attention.

Yah means us to become part of His kingdom, part of His creation, and we cannot drag the world into Eden with us.   To be in the presence of Yah means to be wholly immersed in Yah, we cannot bring our iPhone in with us.

We have many distractions, and before the electronic ones, we had churches, pews and kneelers, sermons and sermonizers, choirs and hymns, cantors and stained glass with stars and crosses.

All these things are graven images to try and make us have a physical relationship with the gods (and their priests and rabbis) instead of seeking Yahovah with all our heart.

First we have to acknowledge that Yah actually exists, many down the ages have expected a physical relationship with god and have thus sought to prepare their disciples for a physical encounter.   But we must worship Yah in spirit and in truth not in bricks and mortar, not in glitzy plastic ikons or fine statuary.

We communicate with Yah through and with our hearts, anything else is a graven image and is forbidden.

Yah equates the worship of graven images as hatred, and the consequences are dire and last for generations.   Rather seek FIRST the Kingdom of Yahovah and His Righteousness.

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