How do we take the ‘Lord’s’ name in vain? By calling Him ‘Lord’ (Hebrew Ba’al)?

What is Yah’s name, is it God? Is it HaShem or Adonai or LORD

He requires that we call him by His name Yahovah (short form Yah) but we do not, so what is in a name?   (see Exodus 3)

In Hebrew, a name describes a thing,   It is not just a label as in Western culture, it is a sort of signature, a character reference, and by not obeying Yah’s command to use his name we are throwing our own godship in Yah’s face.

יהוה  the tetragrammaton means ‘I was, I am’ and by implication, ‘I will be’.    That is, I am outside of time.

If we are to humble ourselves before Yah, then we must use this name – He IS the great ‘I AM’!

If we call Him ‘God’ or ‘Lord’ we are actually invoking other gods, if we call Him HaShem or Adonai we are actually  denying his role as Creator, at the behest of those charlatans who set themselves up as ‘sages’.

His name is Yahovah, or a variant of it, it really does not matter if we get the pronunciation of it wrong, after all it was Yah himself who confused language at Babel, and to Yah ALL languages are valid!

In John 18, Yahushua uses the Yah’s name (‘I am’) to demonstrate Yah’s power, and the soldiers are bowled over, He does this to demonstrate that it is HE who is actually in control and that he goes with them of His own (and Yah’s) accord.

This is obvious to anyone who understands Yahovah, but to someone not versed in the Old Testament it is obscure.    We are to use Yah’s name because in so doing we are stating Yah’s nature and character as Creator.   If we use an alternative then we are denying that Yah is the Creator and reducing Him to the level of man’s godship.


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