What can I say about Sabbath, it is the most abused of the directly understood commandments; thou shall keep the seventh day ‘set apart’ for rest, meditation and meeting together.

That’s all, no stupid do’s and don’ts, and no alternative days.

The popes decided to change their sabbath to Sunday in honour of their sun god Mithra, but Yah did not change His Sabbath, his Sabbath is still the seventh day starting Friday evening at sunset and ending on Saturday evening at subset.

On that day we do not do our normal daily work, we REST! (to an old crow like me that means that I actually rest, but to the young it can mean play not work)

But there is more:

“For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.”


This is about compliance with creation, if we keep the seventh day Shabbat the we are acknowledging that “In the beginning Yah created”  if we don’t then we are saying “in the beginning man created”.   To keep the seventh day Shabbat is to take the first step in becoming creation compliant, the first step back to the garden of Eden.


There is yet more-


Deu 5:15  and thou hast remembered that a servant thou hast been in the land of Egypt, and Jehovah thy God is bringing thee out thence by a strong hand, and by a stretched-out arm; therefore hath Jehovah thy God commanded thee to keep the day of the sabbath.


Folks, if you want to be a slave in the land of Egypt then don’t keep Yah’s sabbath, its as easy as that!


The first step in leaving the pigsty is to start keeping Yah’s sabbath, in doing so you are accepting Yah as creator, rather than the pope, Darwin or Allah.


But we also have to be sensible about sabbath as well, the Rabbis go overboard and inflict all sorts of petty rules on their flocks, they make Yah’s sabbath a day of tortures.   They have no understanding and have locked Yah in a cupboard like a Torah scroll, only to be wheeled out and patted on the head, as a virtue signal to their followers (those who give them money).


Sabbath was made for me, so that I have a day to call my own, and which I can share with family and friends, and with Yah himself, away from distractions.


Israel is the only country which keeps Sabbath as a nation, and it is prospering despite the other difficulties.   The European and American nations that are departing from the ways of Yah are being slowly diminished and are being invaded and will soon be reduced to rubble.


Yah has warned us, the writing is on the wall!

Sabbath, the seventh day, is special, it is blessed and hallowed by Yah himself, it is, keep it and prosper, break it and your life will be all the more poor, you will live the life of Egypt, life with the pigs.

But in the end, we keep Sabbath because we love and respect Yah and wish to live according to His commandments, His Statutes, His Judgements and His Testimonies. There is nothing that is more important.



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