The child-parent situation should reflect the believer-Yah situation, such that the child learns to accept that the parent is to be obeyed whether right or wrong in the opinion of the child, a child obeys his parents as we obey Jah, or not as the case may be.

We should be able to trust our parents to do what is best for ourselves, and disobedience starts a slippery slope of doubt and mistrust.

Same with Yah, if we think we know better then we do things our own way and the harmony of our relationship with Yah’s creation is shattered.

We may not like what we read in the TORAH of Moses, but we should think twice about disobeying it because it is based on a knowledge far superior to ours.

When a man and a woman start a sexual relationship, the woman receives the man’s DNA material into her body, and her immune system takes note of it as non-hostile.   Thus when she becomes pregnant, the developing Foetus is recognised and not attacked, not so when the woman has had many partners.

Likewise foreign DNA matter entering through the back passage is attacked, when that matter is semen, designed to penetrate cell walls, then there is a mighty battle at the cellular level where T-cells and seminal fluid battle it out, too much of this leads to exhaustion if the immune system, we call this AIDS and pretend that it is caused by a virus.

Vaginas are designed to accept active sperm cells, anuses are not and damage is done.

Torah handles these situations, even if it is only recently that this knowledge has come to modern science.

Father (and Mother) know best, they may not be perfect but we should respect them, teenagers rebel because they do not understand their own ignorance. Are we teenagers before Yah?

3 thoughts on “Honour

  1. Phin

    Hey Mike, great stuff as always.

    I have a question and didn’t know any other way of communicating it to you other than on here.

    I’ve always be intrigued with figuring out where our current day fits in the “timeline” of all creation (beginning to end).
    There are many opinions out there and I was curious to know yours?

    1. mike93c Post author

      I take things as I find them, but it does not mean that I am unaware, however I am also not an ugly sister trying to squeeze my foot into Cenderella’s glass slipper. Cinders will come and the slipper will fit exactly and there is no need for me to speculate. My priority is to seek first the Kingdom of Yahovah and His Righteousness (His Torah), then these things will be revealed.

      That said, the way that Satan is moving gives us a clue or two……

      Satan’s 3 religions (RCC without Torah, Islam without scriptures and Darwinistic Atheism without Yah) are gathering power which is what we might expect, but those who truly represent Yah and keep His Ways, His Truths and live his Life are also increasing.

      There are signs we can look for; the increasing wealth of Israel. the ‘dry bones’ putting on flesh and awaiting the Breath.

      When Jews start rejecting Rabbi worship and turn to their Creator instead, then start looking for the end days, and remember, Yahushua ruling with a ‘Rod of Iron’ is going to be horrific for many, the second coming is not a ‘nice’ event for those who reject Yah’s Torah and His Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us>

      1. Phin

        Thank you for replying!

        Very cool things to keep in mind. I myself don’t particularly dwell on timeline stuff, it’s more so of a curiosity. I think the best advice is to seek first the kingdom of Yah. So thank you for reiterating that point. I’ll do my best to be on that path!


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