False Witness

False witness is a form of lying, particularly in the judicial sense where one is trying to bring down fellow believer.

Many see the belief in Yah as a competition to see who is the ‘best’ in the assembly, and they will lie and cheat in order to keep up appearances.    When we do this, when we create malicious gossip about each other, we forget that Yah can read our motivation easily since He can see the scars and tears it makes upon our spiritual robes.

Lying is necessary in some situations, and we must learn to discern those situations with help from the scriptures, and there appears to be such a thing as a righteous lie, usually in dire circumstances.

But Yah does not lie, His Creation is truth and for Yah to lie means that Creation, and the Torah with which He spoke Creation into existence are not the Truth that we as truth seekers are looking for.   In this context, false witness can be denying Yah’s Torah and teaching men’s fairy tales instead of Yah’s Truths.    We are allowed to get things wrong, we are starting from scratch trying to throw off the pre-conceived idea that is religion, and to substitute the truths that are the reality of Yah’s Creation and to live those truths.    This is not easy, it is much easier to live the lie (false witness) put about by religionists and become part of the acceptable community, once shown the truth we must make a judgement, live that truth, or live the lie.  We live a Torah compliant life to the best of our knowledge and ability or we live the false witness of those Rabbis and Pastors in whom we invest our very salvation.

5 thoughts on “False Witness

  1. Phin

    Hey have you ever considered writing about the appointed feasts/festivals?

    I’m curious to know more about them, or if they are relevant in this day and age?

      1. mike93c Post author

        I have written the first part and it is up now. I do not usually write at this time of night (we are 7 hours ahead of ET.) but we have been having missiles from Gaza over and they are a bit unsettling 🙂

      2. Phin

        Yeah I checked the time and it said around 4am!

        Caught you at a interesting time haha.

        Scary stuff! Hope you guys remain safe out there.

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