Do I steal?

I try not to, I try to earn my salary, I believe I pay my taxes properly (but who knows, it is all too complicated), I havn’t robbed any banks recently 🙂

Have I stolen from Yah?

Now that’s a different matter, if I believe Yah created me, intending that I live according to His laws and in harmony with His creation, If I believe that Yah made an investment in me, then who am I to refuse the return on His investment, I owe, and I should pay, and therefore the denial of that payment is theft.

Before I can become a Son of Yah I have to be humble and consider myself a servant of Yah, I have to learn not what makes me tick, but what makes Him tick.

A good servant is on hand when needed, in the right place at the right time with the right tools and the knowledge to use them.   He does not ask his master why? He does what is required to the best of his ability and is thankful for his compensation when it arrives.

The world teaches us to demand, to question and to interpret.   Yah does not need our opinions, He knows this world and this life somewhat better than we do; he made it lock, stock and bible.

When we treat Yah with contempt, and when we treat his possessions and people with distain and his scriptures with scorn then we are stealing from Him that essence of Him that has given us this whole life.   That essence which gives us a body and a consiousness with which we can enjoy it, and a life that we can give back to Him because it was never ours to begin with.

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