Adultery is abandoning your wife and your (young) children.

The man’s role is to provide and keep a home for his wife and children such that the wife can safely bear his children.   She is not a slave and she is not a wage earner.    She is a home and child maker.

Yah does not se ‘sex’ the way that man sees it, and Yah does not see marriage the way that man sees it.

Firstly, if you sleep with a woman then you are already married to her, and your DNA becomes part of her makeup.   It is then your duty before Yah to support her and any offspring.   Only if she then goes to another man for support and is willing to bear his children is there a let-out for the (first) man, because the woman is now in adultery.

Yah is not interested in nuances, His aim is to ensure the survival of mankind by making the family structure stable, adultery makes the family structure insecure.

Marriage too is likened to Yah’s relationship with us, we too can go to other gods for succour and support, but He does not commit adultery, and what is more, He will welcome us when and if we return to Him.

If you fail to support your wife and children you are in adultery, make no mistake.

Yah wants to provide for us too, but only if we trust and rely on him;

“Oh Lord won’t you buy me, a Mercedes Benz” as the song goes, and do you know what, the words are absolutely correct (if you want a Merc that is).   We should be taking our needs, all of them, to Yah, as He is our provider.    That is a hard one, the few times that I have taken Him at His word He has faithfully provided, but I still find it very difficult to live in His provision, not because it is a problem for Him, but because it goes against everything the world has ever taught me about life and manhood and providing…..


3 thoughts on “Adultery

  1. Ely

    Hello, Mike. I am curious about your take on the common practice nowadays, where the woman deliberately chooses having a career over keeping with the existing family life. Thus, she becomes a wage earner, but on the expense of her current and/or future family life and children. Or even worse, decides to skip getting married altogether… Would you agree that this is a form of adultery, too? BTW, I think that it is.
    Thank you,

  2. mike93c Post author

    Yah’s commandment is to go forth and multiply, which implies that the female of the species MUST produce children. Women have historically worked as midwives and herbalists and raised families etc. The working mother is not something new. What is new is the requirement for women to usurp the male role as career provider, and women are not well equiped to do this.

    The ‘good wife’ in Proverbs assists her husband in all things but she does not try to usurp him.

    I do not see the traditional role of women as sub-servient, I see it as a vital part of a partnership called ‘the family’, but the currend trend of ‘working’ mothers is a product of cultural marxist feminism, Marx was probably a satanist (see his poetry) and his aim was to destroy Bible based (now called ‘white supremacist’) society, Cutural Marxism is the less violent form of Marxism which corrupts particularly the young and tells females not to be downtrodden (when on the whole they are not ‘downtrodden’ by men but by other women).

    Satan is the father of lies, and at the moment he is gaining ground in a big way (having removed the scriptures as the arbiter of society) and has provided an alternative ethic and cultural norm which deviates from Yah’s created truths and thus is a broad path leading to destruction!

    In seeking Yah’s truths we come back to being part of Yah’s creation, when we follow the worlds (satan’s) fashions we become part of —nothing.

  3. Ely

    As always, thank you, Mike, for such a beautiful and clear response!
    As the saying goes: the truth cuts lies like a knife goes through butter, and your reply provides a very good discussion on this family aspect, as put down in Torah.
    The problem is though: No amount of persuasion works on those, who don’t want to listen to the most universal (and actually quite simple) truths. What some don’t realize, the destruction of social and cultural contract by our women set off a horrific chain reaction: low fertility rate (Demographics), divorce rates, harassments and rape at workplace, drug use by women to keep up with the pressures… the list goes on and on.
    I have so far have been pretty powerless to prevent this development in my own family, as my wife lately choses career over family life. Since this is now a cultural norm, for an indivial to fight against that trend is next to impossible. Well, at least I am trying!
    All the best, Mike, and many many thanks to you for your posts.
    God/Yah Bless!


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