Hot Air

Continuing on the subject of the Feasts of Yah, the Spring Feasts are encompassed by the Feast of matzos, that is ‘Unleavened Bread’ which runs for the 8 days of the Spring Feast.

Yahushua bid us “beware the leaven of the Pharisees” and the symbolism is there before us.    The unleavened bread is Yah’s truth as revealed in Tanach (Bible old testament) and especially in Torah.    But for our ‘leaders’ this is not enough, they feel the need to add their own dogma over and above that which was created by Yah.

Yeast (leaven) puffs up the dough to many times its size, it fills the bread with ‘hot air’ which has no value whatsoever, and so we must be very careful not to puff up the simple truth of Yah with man made ‘hot air’.

Here in Israel, they keep ‘meat and milk’ as a ritual.    This is based on a scripture “thou shalt not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk”.   This statement appears 3 times in Torah and is a reference to a particular pagan fertility rite.   Then the Rabbi’s get hold of it, and add their ‘hot air’ to create a ritual which makes it impossible to get a decent cheeseburger or coffee with milk, based upon the assumption that because it appears 3 times it has an occult Kabbalah ‘hidden’ meaning.

Worse, this is then enforced such that any restaurant violating the edict loses its ‘kosher certificate’.    This religious ‘mafia’ style enforcement is attributed to Yah, but it is really done in the name of ‘Ha Shem’, a man made deity that is the focus of rabinic ritual.   But I would not like to be in the rabbinical shoes when he has to account for this ‘leaven’ before Yah.   Yahushua rightly called the pharisees a brood of vipers because they are deceiving Yah’s people in exactly the same way that the serpent deceived the woman in the garden of Eden, the punishment for which is having one’s head crushed.

So beware those who add to, or take away from Yah’s word as embodied in His Torah; for they have no place in Eden.   Those who say that there is no need to keep the Feasts of Yah, and instead keep the midwinter solstice of the Sol Invictus, or the pagan blood rite of Ishtar (easter), they too will join Yah’s head banging ceremony as victims.   Those too, who keep SUNday instead of Shabbat as their day of rest, they too had better think again.

Yah says “If you love me, keep my commandments” the first of which is to “love Yahovah your Elohim with all your Heart, all your mind, and all your strength” which means not throwing our own godship (knowledge of good and bad) in His face.

We are part of the Creation, but we are not the creator, the Creation was perfect and our duty before Yah is to obey His perfect law and not to improvise new edicts and enhancements.   We must be humble and not try to insert ourselves and our opinions into his perfection, Yah does not lie, but mankind lies and deceives all the time.


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