Are you a first fruit?

The third moed of the spring cluster is ‘first fruits’ and upon this day the priest waves a sheaf of barley as a victory celebration.

We have passed through death, come out of Egypt and now we have a relationship with Yah based solely upon the unleavened word of Yah.

There is only one creation, and only one creator, and to be compliant with that creation we must be single minded about sticking to the Creator’s  purpose as described in the Mosaic Torah.    Only by doing things Yah’s way do we reap the synergy that comes from living in harmony with His creation.

Torah is the very words by which Yah spoke creation into existence, and we have but one real choice in life, keep Torah or reject it.    When we keep Talmud we are listening to how men have interpreted Torah, often for their own benefit, there are no Rabbis in Torah.

Christianity assumes that Yah changed Torah a few times over before He got it right, and curiously, men have had to spin Torah to justify the changes.

The result of ‘interpreting’ Torah is religion, a system where, instead of having a personal relationship with our Creator, we have a group relationship centred around a charismatic leader.

All religions are cults, enticing people away from the truth of Yah, and all religious leaders will be the least in the Kingdom of Yah (if at all).    One cannot be a leader, an ‘elevated one’ and teach Torah withou hypocracy.

The real man of Yah is out there waving the sheaf of barley saying “prepare ye the way of Yahovah”.

Soon comes Shavuot where we wave the leavened loaves, leavened by the word of Yah not the word of man.

Mankind got its opinion (knowledge of good and evil) from the serpent, and those who preach according to their own opinions are a “brood of vipers”.    Don’t listen to them, go to the source; the scriptures, if it is not in Torah it is wrong!

We meet together for firstfruits, we give thanks and we eat and drink as we live Torah, nothing exciting, just a day off to party with Yah.

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