We need to ask the question “By what authority have we ceased sacrificing to Yah?”

And the answer – By man’s authority.

We know that Abel sacrificed to Yah, we know that Noah sacrificed to Yah, we know that Abraham sacrificed to Yah, but who authorised me to not sacrifice?

At Mount Horeb the children of Israel rejected a one-to-one relationship with Yah preferring instead a group relationship centred upon a tabernacle in the wilderness which evolved into a temple.

Upon the demise of the temple, did the people revert back to the single sacrifice of Abel, Noah and Abraham?


Rabbi Jonatan Zakkai, a Pharisee, redefined Judaism rehashed the religion of Yah around rabbi worship and decided that because of the demise of the temple, personal sacrifice should stop.

In Acts 23, we find Paul making a sacrifice, if Yahushua was the final sacrifice, then why is Paul sacrificing?

Readers, we need to get some clarity on this, have we stopped making sacrifice by Yah’s authority of by man’s authority.

This question came up in our group when one of the members pointed out that my recent heart attack should not have happened if we were keeping the Mosaic Torah, and he was right, at the time I pointed out that we could not keep the Mosaic Torah in full – because the temple was destroyed. But then it dawned on us that the sacrifice pre-dates Horeb and that the Patriarchs sacrificed for themselves.

As with all of Yah’s feasts and celebrations, Yah leaves much to our discernment, we can decide the what, the where and the how subject to His guidelines, and those we will have to work out as they are scattered throughout the scriptures but we can make a start.

For most of us, sacrificing a whole lamb is going to be difficult, if not illegal, we just do not have the freedoms of Abel and Noah, but we can sacrifice birds easily enough, it was good enough for Yahushua!

Yah gives us room to manoeuvre, He expects us to be creative!

I was shocked at this revelation, but please search the scriptures and find out for yourselves, by whose authority did we stop sacrificing? by Yah’s or by man’s?


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