Today is Shauvot; Pentecost if you will – The day Yah gave Torah, the day the elders of Israel rejected the direct one-to-one relationship offered by Yah and chose instead a relationship through Mosaic Law.

It was also the day where the Apostles gathered together received the tongues of flame.    The signal of the end of the temple relationship and the renewal of the direct (Abrahamic) relationship.

It is important to understand here what is happening, I have written of mount Horeb before; the rejection of Yah, the Mosaic relationship and Law, the renewed covenant through Yahushua and his sign of Jonah.

Then we have Pentecost, to each a small burning bush, and to each a duty to liberate, to take the people out of the pig sty (Egypt) and to show them a better way.

We ARE part of Yah’s Creation, and there is a place in Creation for each of us.   It is our decision whether we take that place by complying with the Laws of Creation (Torah), or whether we reject them and go our own way thus giving up our place in Yah’s Creation.

It is our own choice and only we can make it.   To be of Yah or to be of ourselves.

Unfortunately, the Way to that decision is obscure, we have to actively seek it, we read the scriptures, we listen to others, we compare them, we accept that which is scriptural and reject that which is not.

We learn discernment, we learn to sift out the lies and the fabrications, there are many deceitful traders in the temple courtyard who will sell us their doctrines, but we must be wary, one cannot buy a place in Creation, we have to be humble and to follow the Way, seek the Truth and only then can we start to live the Life.

There are many traders in the temple courtyard, each claiming to know the way, each one wanting our money.    But there is no easy ticket.    Yah has His own ways of sustaining His servants and it is not with a ‘donate’ button.

Creation is Truth, and Truth is Creation, when we find Truth so we find Yah’s Creation is there too.

We must personally strive to take our allotted place within Yah’s Creation, to become at one with it.   It is our decision, our effort and our prize, we cannot share it.    We can tell others, but unless they act upon it in their own free will, it is of no value and will not succeed.


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