Set in Stone

The 10 matters as given to Moses at Horeb were set in stone tablets, but Jeremiah tells us Torah should be written on our hearts, is there a difference?

The answer is Yes indeed!

Horeb was  failure, the elders of Israel did not want a personal relationship with Yah, they did not want that responsibility, they wanted Moses to take responsibility, they wanted vicars priests and rabbis to ‘lead’ them in ‘traditional’ mechanical worship – worship also set in stone.

But Jeremiah talks about Torah written upon the heart, a renewed covenant, an Abrahamic relationship rather than a Mosaic relationship, a relationship where Yah Himself comes to dinner.

There is no ‘power’ in a stone relationship, everything is laid down and rigid, the order of service is fixed.

In a heart relationship with Yah there is flexibility – Yah is accessible anytime, anywhere, we just commune with Him in a way that is natural to ourselves as individuals, in faith and humility and power flows.

Yah is the Creator, He knows how it all works, and He can tell us how I all works too if we are prepared to listen, but few of us are.

There is a part of me that we call my consciousness which is not physical.   It is the bit of  me that makes the bucket of chemicals alive.   We know very little about the conscious, but it is where our free will resides, the place where we can, if we want to, decide to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” as define by Torah.

But which Torah?  Moses or Abraham?

The Mosaic Torah will look after the body and the community, the Abrahamic Torah will look after the mind as well.

The Mosaic Torah is written down in black and white, the Abrahamic Torah is written on our hearts, but only if we are humble enought to see His face, and prepared to read and act on what is actually written there…

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