Magic and the Subconscious.

When we think, we don’t think of how we think, we just do it.   But it is this ability to ‘think’ which had to be redefined in the 1950’s to make it physicalist in nature, i.e. if the phenomena s detectable by the 5 senses then it is ‘scientific’, if it is not then it therefore does not exist.

This is a scientific fudge that enables evolutionists enough wriggle room to not have to explain the idea of consciousness, the idea of thinking and being alive.   This is very fundamental ‘science’ and still cannot be explained away and is thus side-lined.

Evolutionists are alive but they know it not!

If “In the beginning Yah created”, and if indeed it is man that is the pinnacle of that Creation then our consciousness also becomes our linkage with that Creation, and the freewill thus entailed follows on from the ability to think for myself.

My consciousnes either dwells with Yah, or it dwells with me alone, I either share my existance with all those who re-attach themselves to Yah’s Creation, or it is an island of self-godship.

So I have choices, and there are consequences to my choices.   I can seek independence from Yah, my Creator, as did Adam when he blamed the woman and Yah Himself in the Garden of Eden; he rejected Yah’s creation and was thrown out the garden as a consequence.   Or I can re-attach myself to Yah’s Creation by humbling my own godship and coming back to Yah as an obeyer not as a dictator, a servant not a master.   If he the promotes me to sonship then so much the better, but servanthood comes first.

But what if we accept our part in Yah’s Creation?   What if we seek it, what if we participate in it?   What if we so discipline our consciousness such that, in all humility it ceases to throw our ‘godship’ in Yah’s face (as in the first commandment).

If we do, we essentially become a magical being in modern ‘scientific’ parlance, a being who is immersed in Yah’s Creation and is the best part of it as well.   This is the real ‘occult’, the Creator’s magic, the healing and beneficial magic that we read about in the scriptures.

It is my consciousness that participates in Creation, subject to my free will, but first I must think it through, I must make an active decision to seek the truth of Creation, I must, by implication accept that “In the beginning Yah created” and that I am part of that Creation and therefore subject to its rules.   If I purposely break them then I am thrown out, If I break them accidentally then I must acknowledge my mistakes and be forgiven (as was the woman).

The Woman was not thrown out of the garden, the ‘He’ (masculine singular) only was thrown out.   She confessed, she did not blame anybody but herself, she took responsibility for her own actions.

To get back into Eden I too must take responsibility for my consciousness and through it my relationship with my Creator.



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