Sin and Death

Satan deceives us still, so we think it is all about sin, and about life and death, but it is not, it is about the SPIRIT OF LIFE!

When we are born, we are totally dependent upon usually our parents, to feed, nurture and sustain us, but they also teach us their ways and belief systems.   As we grow, we develop an independence which may well take us away from the parental norms, but it is very difficult to shake off the culture into which we were born.

For me, it was about being ‘good’ and staying alive (salvation), and my parents, and the religious leaders would tell me how I went about achieving these things.

This goal was to be achieved by things like going to church/synagogue, and reciting prayers etc.

This was all about sin, and it was all about death, this was Satan’s deception still working fine many generations after Adam first fell for it.

But what about the Woman, she recognised her error where Adam blamed everybody else.

She confessed, she acknowledged that she had been deceived by the serpent and was forgiven.   She was not evicted from Eden, only he (masculine singular in the Hebrew) was.

Nothing has changed, at Horeb the Elders of the children of Israel rejected a one-to-one relationship with Yah, a relationship where each was responsible before Yah for their own actions, no priests, no vicars.

Only by accepting responsibility for ourselves and our actions can we move into the Spirit of Life, it is not about sin; David, the beloved, was a murderer and adulterer, but he took responsibility for his actions and did not try to hide behind a priest or rabbi.

Yah defines what is good and bad, it is the privilege of Godship and of being the Creator, when man is prepared to accept God’s Way then he starts on a path that leads to life, when he lets others define good and bad then he lives a life of sin and death.   In redefining good and bad for ourselves, as did Adam, or allowing others to do so (including Satan) for us, we shove our puny godship in Yah’s face thus breaking the first commandment.

The ultimate deceit of Satan is for us to allow sin and death to dominate our lives, Satan takes the murder of Yahushua on a pagan instrument of torture, and twists it into an exercise of evasion of sin, when it was really the 3 days and 3 nights which mattered.   Jesus did not die on the cross for my sins, but he succeeded in there being no condemnation (for those in Torah/Debar/the Way made flesh and dwelling aongst us)

We start our spiritual lives with Yah’s commandments set in stone, as we leave the pigsty and follow the Way, seeking the Truth then Torah becomes written on our hearts, it becomes and instinctive way of Life, it becomes spiritual rather than physical.   The stone breaks, the heart is no longer in a state of deceit, and we can relate to Yah direct, discarding those who would be His substitutes.   We are not perfect, but there is no condemnation, we too are beloved.




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