Faith Revisited

Logically, there is only one way, one truth and one life, and these things are defined by the Creator, the entity responsible for what we see around us.

It is my belief that this Creator is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob as brought to us in the Hebrew writings.

Many people do not agree with me, and many more try to sit on the fence and mix fashionable science with popular religion.

But the writings are unclear, confusing and suffer from translation errors, whlst they may have been straight forward 3500 years ago, they are now a confusing mass of words, the contexts of which have been lost to us.

That is unless use our free will given to us by the Creator to seek His truth, but to do this we first have to mount the diving board of Torah, we read the 10 commandments, and we implement them in our lives, all of them, literally.    This can take many years as we learn for ourselves that we too have a godship which we can throw in Yah’s face every day of our lives.

So we learn to live by a Mosaic Torah set in stone.   But then we learn the there is more, there is a whole new Torah written upon our hearts of which we cannot be aware until we are living a Toraic life (and by this I exclude anything at all to do with Talmud and Mishna or catechisms or pastoral letter/papal bulls etc.

We are on the Toraic diving board, and we have to jump, it is a long way down, but the Torah of the heart demands a leap of faith, it demands that we forsake the diving board set in stone and leap into the unknown…..

Abraham was a man of faith, but faith is a word distorted by religion to mean trusting and relying on (enter religious details here) but in the context of Abraham, it was a faith in Yah, a trust and reliance on the Creator that He is in control of His Creation, and that I, me, – we are also part of that Creation.

Adam was slung out of Eden, I am seeking a way to re-enter, Eden is the Kingdom of Yah, and His righteousness is the key to re-enter it, Abraham was deemed righteous because his faith was such that he left everything behind when summoned, can I do that?

I hope so, and I have a map too; the way back is written on my heart because I keep Yah’s rules not my own!


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