What and Why

Yah gave us a set of rules; Commands, statutes advices and instructions that enable us to become ‘Creation compliant’ if we try to keep them.   This is the WHAT of our faith.

The WHY is much more difficult to understand.

The first step is to meditate on Creation, would you put gasoline into a diesel car?   Not knowingly, and if you did not know what kind of car you would quickly find out before you had to refill the tank.

Yah’s Creation is the same, we need to find out before we commit, to guess could prove fatal.

We are created in the image and likeness of Yah so we have an intrinsic understanding of Yah’s creation – IF and only IF we are prepared to see it from HIS perspective.

When Adam decided to eat the forbidden fruit and then justified it by blaming everybody else, he created ‘sin and death’,   Sin and death is a viewpoint where man puts his own opinion above anything else.   If we try and view Yah’s Creation through our own knowledge we see a warped picture.

It is for this reason that first we must learn to obey, and then to go on to understand, if we guess, and put petrol into our diesel car, we end up in trouble.

But if we mix the petrol with water will it make any difference?

That is what the Rabbis and pastors do, it does not help to let others interpret Creation for us, we have to experience it for ourselves.

As we come into understanding so Torah gets written on our hearts, instead of being set in stone, it becomes etched onto a living part of us, and we can inituatively ‘know’ Yah and his ways.

This is the Law of the Spirit of Life that Paul talks about; Adam’s way is sin and death because we are interpreting Yah according to out own opinion, we are putting our own godship in prime place instead of surrendering to Yah’s Godship.

The woman, Chava (Eve the life giver) confessed to being deceived, she understood the problem and was not thrown out of Eden (she may have chosen however to stay with Adam who was thrown out).

We must obey the WHAT of Torah whilst we seek the WHY….

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